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Those of you who are in the business already can agree that being a professional writer in today’s times can be one of the most difficult professions in which to make a decent and honest living. But then there will be those writers, well, they call themselves writers anyway, who will readily, and sometimes even, heartlessly disagree. These are the guys who have deviously been able to cut corners and make money by utilizing software tools that have very little to do with the online craft of creative writing.


It does not matter to them that the quality of their content is hideously poor. They are making the money. But where their content is of a passable standard, they have utilized the dedicated services of those struggling writers who are otherwise known as ghost writers. Writers worth their salt know this term well and those struggling to make a decent living from a creative craft they love dearly sometimes fear the title.

Because when you write online as a ghostwriter you are quite literally invisible. No-one, not a soul, knows that you exist. And if you can find someone online with the necessary skills to trace where online your hard work has been published, you can be left with a rather sinking feeling. Because it is here where you will be seeing rave reviews being made and very positive comments being posted on the brilliance of the writing.

Only your client didn’t write it, you did. It will be quite some time before many a struggling writer can turn around and thumb his or her nose at his or her online employer but it can happen sooner than you think. All you need do is start writing and publishing under your own blog. Many struggling writers would not know where to begin. That could have been quite understandable quite a few years ago when blogging platforms were virtually non-existent, but today there can be no excuses.

Writers are by nature curious folks. By now they should be getting well acquainted with online tools that are effective devices for promoting good communications all round. Try telling that to your client. Nevertheless, having your own blog remains one of the best ways to create online awareness of your creative work yet to be published. And if you have never been published before, this is the time and place to start.

And to start your own blog is as easy as your mastery of the spelling bee. Even if you are going to be one of those who are going to be struggling with online tools, you can still learn from the experts. There are online guides given in easy to follow steps that show you how to process your first blog. There really is nothing to it. It should also be a lot easier for you in view of the fact that you are already quite used to extensive online reading exercises.