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This encouraging initiative does not just begin and end with you striving to become healthy and fit. It can go further if you choose to take it that far. While you strive to maintain your health and fitness levels, continue to experiment in your kitchen, you have an opportunity to reach out to others. You can use your very own VeggieFiles to make this possible. It needs to be online now, of course. Whatever you have learned, please do share it with others. Because the more, the merrier, as they say. This encouragement has something to do with wishing to dispel a number of myths and half-truths associated with juicing and its associated practices.

For instance, some of you might be shocked to learn just how bad for your health going on a strictly detox diet can be for you. Going on any diet, for that matter, is still not a matter for the faint of heart. And this is where all your file notes come in handy. You can always refer to them to give yourself a refresher on what you discovered about fruit and vegetable juicing much earlier in the day. And then you can empty your VeggieFiles and share your food for thought with your new readers. Yes, you can do that.

You can start by writing your very own blog, or just pick up a thread on your existing blog. This is handy if you are already sharing your thoughts for crying out loud on food. Fruit and vegetable juicing has come a long way since the halcyon days of the nineteen fifties when the first juice making appliances made its appearance in front of mostly health and fitness fanatics back then. Back then, it was a small market to cater for. And about the closest any of us came to actual juicing, if you happen to be that old by now and can recall those days, was through watching our dads or granddads twist the whole family a jug of orange juice with that old small hand twister.

Today, the market is big, so much so, it continues to confuse a lot of fleeting or inattentive readers. You can teach them to read between the lines. While giving them a good dose of your fine narratives on what each fruit and vegetable holds for them in terms of improving and maintaining their all-round health, you can also start explaining to them in layman’s terms how a typical electric powered juicer operates. And then at a later stage perhaps, you can start introducing them to two important juicing differences known as masticating and centrifugal juicing.


In doing this, you may have your own personal philosophy in mind but by now you know that everyone is different. The more you know about what strawberries and tomatoes popped into your juicer can do for you, the better positioned you will be to help yourself and help others.