It is one thing to spend a summer when you have AC at home. In those situations, at least you can cool down when you are inside the house. But when you do not have AC, or you are not allowed to run it, you may find that you are facing an unbearable situation. But the good news is that we can let you know about some hacks that will help you get into a better circumstance during the summer heat. It will ensure that you are at least a little more comfortable than you were before.

One of the first things that you should do is get a couple of fans for your room. If you have a ceiling fan, you will only need one extra fan. Get one box fan, which you will use with your window, and get a stand fan if you do not have a ceiling fan in the room. The box fan will go into your window and point into the room at night. This will get the cool, below 80 degree air into your room, and it will make you feel much more comfortable. If your window does not have a screen, get one so that you do not have a room full of bugs in the morning!

Another thing that you can do if you want to cool down your room is to use a bowl that is full of ice, and put it in front of your box fan. What this does is create an “ac like” effect. While it does not cool the whole room, it will cool the area where the air is spreading until the ice melts and the water heats up. If you are trying to sleep, this is a fantastic remedy. That cool breeze will stay for a couple of hours at least, and it will cool you down big time.